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Design House Pyramid/Double Take

Design House Pyramid/Double Take


  1. Instructions for double take
  2. Score the fold lines on the frame and the double take image with a ruler and small ball tool - It is easier to do this before you cut them out.
  3. Cut out the frame, image and other elements from the sheet. - When cutting out the image, cut on the inside edge of the cutting line.
  4. Concertina fold the double take imae as you would if making a fan.  Always start with a valley fold.  - A valley fold is folding the image onto itself so you see the back; a mountain fold is folding the reverse side onto itself so you see the image.
  5. Take the frame and place face down.  Fold in the inside flaps and fix into place, then fold the outside flaps and fix into place.
  6. Apply adhesive to the left hand flap of the image and fix to the back of the left hand side of the frame.  Line up the inside edgge of the frame with the first fold.  Apply adhesive to the righ hand flap and fix to the righ hand side of the frame as before
  7. Apply adhesive to the back of the frame and fix your projet along with your chosen elements.


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